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Our mission is to make marketing simple and easy for those in direct sales, network marketing and digital marketing. We provide the best tools in the industry, for the best price, to empower individuals from all walks of life to achieve their business goals.

Contact Manager

Import and organize your contacts into manageable groups. Connect easily with DupliMark’s 1-click tools: keyboard texting, ringless voicemail and auto-dialing. The app logs your progress with each contact and updates their status as you go, so you can always stay on top of who your top prospects are. Reduce mistakes, enhance relationships and improve the efficiency of lead management.

Welcome to the Future

Our dashboard includes progress summaries, helpful tips, calendar reminders, immediate opportunities and more. You can access DupliMark from the web or through our mobile App. Our integrated Alerts system keeps you up-to-date on the latest happenings in your business, whether you’re working from your desktop or your mobile phone.

Virtual Coach

DupliMark’s Virtual Coach notifies you of ways to optimize your progress through helpful tips, reminders and feedback so your contacts won’t slip through the cracks. Not sure what to do next with a lead? Whether it’s a helpful tip or suggestion to take action, Virtual Coach is always looking for ways to support and guide you.

Team Manager

As you grow your business, Invite members to your team so you can view their progress and provide support where needed. Quickly assess where your time is best spent, and know exactly who is engaged—or who is slacking.

Virtual Info Pack (VIP)

Have you ever sent a message and felt like it went into a black hole? You don't know if it was opened, what the person thought or if they were too busy to reply. Say goodbye to the guess work with Virtual Information Packs. Combine all your important information together: websites, documents, images and videos, and send it in an InfoPack – a user-friendly playlist in presentation format. You will get a notification after it's opened with a summary of how much was viewed, and your recipient will simply be asked if they are interested in learning more.

1-Click Followup

InfoPack recipients can set 1-click appointments or call you back immediately upon receiving information. Take the headache out of follow-through; Keep track of who's interested through instant alerts, status markers and Virtual Coach reminders.

Marketing Autopilot

Move beyond the mindset that email campaigns are the only way to engage with customers and contacts. Email open rates are declining rapidly, while mobile messaging is on the rise. In addition to simple email auto-responders, DupliMark provides the ability to set up automated Marketing Campaigns through text message and voicemail. Maximize your time and appeal to larger audiences through these common communication methods.

1-Click Voicemail

There are some things you just can’t convey in a text, but these days not everyone appreciates a phone call. Voicemail is a great way to connect with people and leave effective messages, and now it’s easier than ever to send one. With 1-Click Voicemail, you no longer need to dial a number and then wait through rings and a pre-recorded message. You can bypass this process completely, and leave your own personalized or pre-recorded messages.

Points to Success

Compete with your team for the best spot on the Leaderboard! Each time you take action to build your business, you earn points. Login daily for bonuses, and multiply your points by remaining consistent.

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