About Us

DupliMark is a sales and marketing platform providing a better way to engage more prospects with automated follow up campaigns, video emails, simple contact management, and professionally designed solutions to business marketing set-backs. With a clear view of what’s happening each step of the way, you will significantly grow your sales in a fraction of the time.

Duplimark is the brain-child of Rick Cox, who pioneered the earliest CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools combined with CMS (Content Management Systems) in 2001. Our mission is to make marketing simple and easy for those in direct sales, internet marketing, and network marketing. We strive to provide the best in the industry, for the best price, with no user left behind.

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At DupliMark We Believe

  • The answer to a problem is the reason people are looking for product.
  • The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. Make the connection.
  • Less is more. Making it simple reduces time and effort.
  • The cost of failing is less than the cost of doing nothing.
  • The Right System will bring the Right Results.

Knowing there had to be a better way to engage more prospects in less time, Rick set out to start DupliMark to give people the ability to duplicate their marketing efforts and grow their business with less effort. With his goal outlined, he began to work with top professionals from various industries to build the world’s first ever sales and marketing engagement platform consisting of a contact relationship manager, trackable video presentations, and automatic marketing campaigns.

With a fantastic team of promoters, founders, and developers to back it up, and a vision 20 years in the making, DupliMark couldn’t be built on a stronger foundation!