Freedom, one hour at a time. Learn, Grow, and Lead your team using 5HourPlan marketing tools.


One hour at a time


Build your Business fast

Automatic Marketing

Marketing Automation

Send email, SMS text messages and voicemails to prospects instantly, or on a schedule

Instant Alerts

Immediate Feedback

Get notified instantly when someone is interested in your products

Contact Management

List Building made Easy

Import contacts from email, phone and social media

Modern Dashboard

Stay Connected

Know what's happening with your business and your team at a glance

Set Appointments Online

Eliminate Rejection

Interested prospects can click to call or set an appointment

Integrated App

Total Integration

Flow easily between desktop or app, at home or on the go

We've Got Your Back

Tools that work for you


Modern Dashboard

1-Click Voicemail

Share InfoPacks™

1-Click Followup

Virtual Coaching

What is 5HourPlan?

5HourPlan is a sales and marketing platform that provides a better way to engage with more prospects. With automated follow-up campaigns, cutting-edge media messaging and advanced contact management tools, we provide powerful solutions to common marketing challenges.

Professional Tools Designed for Ease

Our mission is to make marketing simple and easy for those in direct sales, network marketing and digital marketing. We provide the best tools in the industry, for the best price, to empower individuals from all walks of life to achieve their business goals.

Learn. Grow. Lead.

"It only takes an hour a day to change your life. One hour, five days a week. That's the 5 Hour Plan."

Integrated Solutions

5HourPlan works for you. It automates workflow, synchronizes data, and performs actions that you schedule from your personal dashboard. Whether you’re working from your desktop or your phone, you can access 5HourPlan from the web or through our companion mobile App.

CRM in the Palm of Your Hand

Manage contacts and stay on top of where people are in your sales process or customer journey. Not only can you track lead status, set alerts and see progress, but you can also sort contacts, take notes, view history and schedule personalized messages.

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